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The Endocrinology Network® Osteoporosis clinical resource center is our hub for the latest in bone health and management of fracture risk. With a fracture causing significant increases in risk of mortality, management of osteoporosis represents a crucial aspect of care. This page will offer the latest information related to FDA approvals, new studies, and guideline updates pertaining to diagnosis and management of osteoporosis.

Endocrine Month in Review: October 2021

October 30, 2021

October's endocrine month in review features stories on the new ADA and EASD type 1 diabetes guidance, a phase 2 trial examining oral PTH tablets for osteoporosis, and a 3-part panel discussion focusing on diabetes management in 2021.

No Increase in Fracture Risk from SGLT2 Inhibitor Use, Study Finds

October 29, 2021

A propensity score-matched analysis comparing fracture risk associated with the initiation of SGLT2 inhibitors versus GLP-1RAs or DPP-4 inhibitors indicates use of SGLT2 inhibitors was not associated with an increase in risk of fractures in older patients with type 2 diabetes.