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The Endocrinology Network® nephrology clinical resource center is our hub for the latest in news and developments related to nephrology and renal impairment from the perspective of an endocrinologist. Be sure to check back often for the latest in nephrology and CKD.

Obesity Society, National Kidney Foundation Release Report on Managing Coexisting Obesity and Kidney Disease

October 21, 2022

Released on October 21, the special joint report from the Obesity Society and National Kidney Foundation outlines the hurdles, optimization strategies, and research needs for the management of coexisiting obesity and chronic kidney disease identified during a multispecialty, scientific workshop held in April 2021.

Managing CKD in the Face of a Growing Diabetes Epidemic, with Amy Mottl, MD

October 17, 2022

In an interview at the 6th annual Cardio-Endo-Renal Collaborative from Physicians' Education Resource, Amy Mottl, MD, provides perspective on recent data from the CURE-CKD registry and problems facing nephrologists as they cope with an increasing prevalence of diabetes.

Study Details "Troubling" Rates of Chronic Kidney Disease in People with Diabetes

October 14, 2022

An analysis of data from more than 640,000 people with diabetes recorded between 2015-2020 is providing new insight into what study investigators are calling "troubling" trends in the incidence of CKD in the face a growing diabetes epidemic.

Risk of Kidney Decline in T1D Heightened for People of African Caribbean Ethnicity

September 03, 2022

An analysis of data from more than 5500 people with type 1 diabetes and preserved kidney function at baseline suggests patients of African Caribbean ethnicity had a more than 50% greater risk of kidney function decline of 50% or greater than patients of other ethnic backgrounds.

Finerenone Reduces All-Cause Mortality, Sudden Cardiac Death in Type 2 Diabetes

August 29, 2022

An analysis of the FIDELITY program from ESC Congress 2022 details an 11% reduction in risk of all-cause mortality and a 25% reduction in risk of sudden cardiac death among patients with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease.

Real-World Data Links Rosuvastatin to Nephrotoxicity

July 22, 2022

An analysis of real-world EHR data from more than 900,000 statin users suggests use of rosuvastatin was associated with an 8% greater risk of hematuria, a 17% greater risk of proteinuria, and a 15% higher risk of developing kidney failure requiring replacement therapy such as dialysis or transplantation compared to atorvastatin use.