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Endocrine Case Report: Vomiting and Drunk

June 07, 2021

Our latest case report from Dr. Brady Pregerson features a man in his 30s presenting to the ED after drinking and admits to forgetting his insulin and poor adherence to other antidiabetes medication. Can you determine the correct diagnosis?

Baseline Risk Factors Contribute to Increased ASCVD Risk in Transgender Adolescents on Hormone Therapy

May 21, 2021

A retrospective review of ASCVD risk factors at baseline and 1 year after initiating hormone therapy among transgender adolescents suggests the increased risk of cardiovascular disease seen among this population could be driven by increased prevalence of baseline risk factors.

Endocrinology Case Report: Syncope and ST-Elevation

April 27, 2021

Our latest case report from Brady Pregerson, MD, features a middle-aged woman brought to the emergency department by paramedics as a field-activated ST-elevation MI. Check out the EKG and see if you can determine the correct diagnosis.

Endocrine Month in Review: April 2021

April 24, 2021

April's month in review features stories related to new diabetes medications, stem cells, disparities in care of women, and how exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals in pregnancy can impact mental health following delivery. Check back in during the last weekend of each month for the next Endocrine Month in Review.