Latest Conference Articles

Thyroid Ablation in Operating Rooms Result in Fewer Side Effects Than Ambulatory Settings

October 08, 2021

An analysis of nearly 400 patients suggests undergoing thyroid radiofrequency ablation in ambulatory settings was associated with increased risk of intraoperative, postoperative, and perioperative side effects than those performed in operating room settings.

COVID-19 Pandemic Has Made Diabetes Management More Difficult for US Patients

October 04, 2021

An analysis of survey data from nearly 800 patients with diabetes provides insight into the effects of the pandemic on diabetes management, including increased difficulty in affording diabetes medications and consulting with their diabetes care providers.

ADA and EASD Publish Guidance on Diagnosis, Management of Type 1 Diabetes

October 01, 2021

Published on September 30, the consensus report provides perspective on diagnosis and management of type 1 diabetes, including a diagnosis algorithm and insight on CGM specific to type 1 diabetes, which the writing group noted is lacking from previous guidance.

Metabolically Healthy Obesity Still Carries Increased Risk of Heart Failure, Arrhythmia

September 29, 2021

New data presented at EASD 2021 suggests patients with metabolically healthy obesity were at a 34% greater risk of developing new-onset heart failure and a 33% greater risk of new-onset AF than counterparts of healthy weight and no metabolic abnormalities.

Increased Insulin Resistance Could Signal Stroke Risk in Patients with Diabetes

September 28, 2021

A study from EASD 2021 suggests increased insulin resistance could help predict risk of incident stroke events among adult patients with type 2 diabetes, with results indicating lowest levels of insulin resistance were at a 40% lower risk of stroke compared to those with the highest levels.