Clinical Guidelines

CV Benefit of Dulaglutide Present Regardless of Background Metformin Use

September 05, 2020

An analysis from ESC Congress 2020 is shedding further light on the effects of dulaglutide in patients with and without background metformin use.

Medtronic's MiniMed 770G Receives FDA Approval in Children 2 to 6 Years Old

August 31, 2020

The MiniMed 770G becomes the first system to receive approval for children in this age group.

Artificial Pancreas Proven Safe and Effective in Diabetics 6 Years and Older

August 27, 2020

A randomized trial found use of a closed-loop insulin delivery system was safe and effective in type 1 diabetics as young as 6 years of age.

Melissa Young, MD: The Importance of Flu Shots in High Risk Diabetics

August 24, 2020

An endocrinologist from New Jersey discusses the importance of flu shots in high-risk diabetic patients.

Three-Year Bone Density Follow-ups Do Not Increase Risk Prediction Accuracy

July 30, 2020

New data suggests bone density measurement follow-ups within 3 years of baseline assessment are unnecessary and a potential misuse of resources.

Levothyroxine Fails to Provide Cardiac Benefit in Subclinical Hypothyroidism

July 21, 2020

New data disputes the findings of previous observational studies examining the effects of levothyroxine on cardiac function.

New Analysis Says No Need to Treat Subclinical Hypothyroidism

May 22, 2019

Adults with subclinical hypothyroidism do not need thyroid hormone therapy in most cases, states a BMJ Rapid Recommendation issued this month.

12 Recommendations for Osteoporosis Treatment

April 23, 2019

Shared decision making should be employed in deciding on the best course of treatment for postmenopausal women with osteoporosis, experts say. In this slideshow, we highlight some of the key recommendations for diagnosing osteoporosis and assessing fracture risk in postmenopausal women.

Is less than 7 percent a reasonable A1C goal?

April 02, 2019

At ENDO 2019, two experts offered differing perspectives on optimal A1C targets. Blood sugar levels, one doctor said, should fall under 7 percent. Another physician argued for 7-8 percent. Learn more about the debate in this article.