Author | Gregory M. Weiss, MD


Cigarette Smoking Linked to Poor Glycemic Control in T1DM

February 06, 2019


Current smokers with type 1 diabetes had higher A1c values and greater risk of microvascular complications compared with former and never smokers, according to results of a new study.

Diabetes at Middle Age Poses Highest Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

February 05, 2019


Authors of a new study found that patients who develop diabetes later in life have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

Impact of Ideal CV Health on Risk of T2DM

February 04, 2019


Is the number of CV health measures associated with similar risk reduction among patients with higher T2DM risk or lower risk? New study sheds light.

Predicting Diabetes Remission Post-Bariatric Surgery

January 28, 2019


Is DiaRem or Advanced DiaRem better for predicting diabetes remission post-bariatric surgery? Authors of a recent study sought to find out.