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Can Liraglutide Delay Diabetes Onset?

Researchers compared time to onset of diabetes in a group of patients with obesity and pre-diabetes treated with liraglutide or placebo.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study comparing liraglutide 3 mg daily to placebo, the authors determined time to onset of diabetes as the main outcome measure. Results were published in the Lancet.

Patients in the study were classified as having pre-diabetes with elevated BMIs and were enrolled as an adjunct to dieting and increasing physical activity.

The time to onset of diabetes was 2.7 times longer in the liraglitide group.

Two percent of patients in the liraglutide group were diagnosed with diabetes vs 6% in the placebo group. Liraglutide also induced greater weight loss than placebo.

The authors concluded that liraglutide might reduce the risk the risk of diabetes in patients with obesity and pre-diabetes.