Weight Management


The Endocrinology Network® Weight Management clinical resource center is the home of all content related to weight loss and obesity management. Now a full-blown epidemic, the obesity crisis is one of the most prominent and dangerous health crises in the US. This page will provide insight and perspective related to FDA approvals, the latest studies, and guideline updates related to nutrition, obesity, and weight management.

AHA Outlines Weight Loss Strategies for Preventing Obesity Hypertension

September 20, 2021

Released on September 20, the latest scientific statement from the AHA outlines potential strategies, including lifestyle modifications, pharmacologic therapies, and weight loss surgery, for the prevention and treatment of obesity hypertension.

Young Adults at Greatest Risk of Becoming Overweight, Developing Obesity

September 09, 2021

An analysis of EHR data from more than 2 million patients in England is detailing the increased risk of becoming overweight or developing obesity in the next decade among young adults aged 18-24 compared to adults in other age groups.

COVID-19, Lockdowns Have Slowed Weight Loss Following Bariatric Surgery

August 12, 2021

An analysis of patients from a hospital in Belgium provides insight into the impact of COVID-19 and lockdowns on weight loss and overall health on patients who underwent gastric bypass and were impacted by COVID-19 during their first postoperative year.