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Stem Cells Transformed in Type 1 Diabetes

Could a patient’s own stem cells be used to create insulin-secreting cells, even if that patient has type 1 diabetes?


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Our April list includes predictors of fracture risk, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, and CV effects of thyroid dysfunction.

This study is the first retrospective, long-term analysis of metformin as adjuvant therapy to insulin in patients with T1DM.

When someone in the hospital needs to see a specialist, particularly a specialty where there are so few of us, I don’t understand how one can just refuse.

Three studies from ENDO 2017 focused on improving patient care through brain stimulation, an artificial pancreas system, and videoconferencing.

A small pilot study is the first to report on bone health in people with an at least 50-year history of type 1 diabetes.

Our March list includes Testosterone Trials results, self-management in patients transitioning to adult care, and cancer mortality risk with diabetes.

A new set of guidelines will help people with type 1 diabetes mellitus exercise safely to avoid fluctuations in blood sugar.


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