November is National Diabetes Month

Who should be screened for diabetes now?

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In patients taking SGLT2 inhibitors who had treated hypertension, a new study compared the drop in blood pressure seen with a diuretic to declines seen with other classes of antihypertensive medications.

The mechanism underlying the ability of empagliflozin to reduce measures of visceral adiposity may be a redistribution of fat to less vulnerable body areas.

In the blizzard of articles about diabetes that deluged your desk in 2014, were there one or two that struck you as particularly noteworthy? Cast your vote!

The patient is new to you, he's got type 2 DM and has a lot of meds on board. There's danger in this mix. Read the history and see if you spot the problem.

This is a short list of the little things that eat away at my energy and goodwill. Thank goodness there are still patients who make it worthwhile.

After sleeve gastrectomy, obese patients with type 2 DM who have less severe disease do better than those who have more advanced disease. Surgery should be encouraged sooner rather than later.

Some of the reasons cited for the observed cost efficiencies: better achievement of A1C and composite quality-of-care goals and fewer treatment failures.

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