Could Alzheimer Disease Be Diabetes Type 3?

Evidence is mounting that links insulin deficiency and insulin resistance to mediation of Alzheimer disease-type neurodegeneration. Get the highlights in these 9 slides.

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A new study found that in obese college students with significant visceral fat, specific brain regions became insulin-resistant.

“Doctor” comes from the Latin docēre, “to teach.”

The size of the incretin effect among healthy subjects may vary up to 2-fold, suggesting differences in ß-cell sensitivity to GLP-1. Does BMI play a role in this variability?

Try your hand at this first in a series of questions on combination drug therapy to optimize treatment of T2DM.

This extension trial is the longest to track efficacy/tolerability of a novel vs more traditional agent as add-on therapy for uncontrolled type 2 diabetes.

Adherent patients were more likely to achieve at least a 1.0% drop in A1c; half achieved the ADA-prescribed goal of <7%. Higher cost was not a surprise.

RM is an active 78-year-old woman with no complaints about her health or her medications. Then she tells you about her home blood glucose readings.

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