Burning Foot Pain in a 68-year-old Man with Diabetes: Red Flag?

In the context of this patient's overall health, which follow-up studies should his presenting symptom prompt?

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Mrs Bates is 65-years old and sees you for her annual physical examination. She is in general good health and takes only atorvastatin. Her BMI is not ideal, though, and she has some new complaints.

You just diagnosed Mrs Bates as having metabolic syndrome. The unusual fatigue and nocturia she describes make you wonder about another potential diagnosis. How would you proceed?

If you could intensify therapy for your type 2 diabetes patients without risking hypoglycemia and/or additional weight gain, the regimen might look like this.

A 64-year-old obese man with type 2 diabetes presents with abrupt onset of extremely itchy rash on both upper, inner thighs. He notes mild to moderate clear oozing and a foul odor. What is this?

Some researchers now suspect that type 2 diabetes may itself be an independent risk factor for osteoarthritis and have proposed a "diabetes-induced phenotype."

Which of the following statements about diabetic cheiroarthropathy are true?

Inpatient hyperglycemia found on admission blood tests can be explained by medications, stress reaction, or, "Other." When is "other" a red flag for diabetes? A new online tool from Scotland may help answer that.

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