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Who Should Be Screened for Diabetes?

Until now, the USPSTF has recommended against screening asymptomatic adults for diabetes. A recent draft recommendation shifts focus and suggests intermittent screening for certain high-risk adults.

Mrs Crawford, 42 years old, comes to your office to establish care. She has no medical problems, except for migraine headaches associated with her menstrual cycles. Her family history is notable for type 2 diabetes mellitus in her mother. On ROS, she denies polyuria, polydipsia, or excessive thirst. On physical examination, she is an overweight woman (BMI, 32 kg/m2) who appears her stated age and is in no distress. Her BP is 112/71 mm Hg, HR 81 beats/min. There are no other abnormalities on her exam.

Is it appropriate to screen this patient for diabetes?