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What Impact of Weight on GLP-1-stimulated Insulin Secretion?

The size of the incretin effect among healthy subjects may vary up to 2-fold, suggesting differences in ß-cell sensitivity to GLP-1. Does BMI play a role in this variability?

The body's insulin response to oral glucose can be reduced by 30% to 40% by blocking the action of endogenous glucagon-like polypeptide-1 (GLP-1) but the effect on insulin secretion is widely variable. The magnitude of the incretin effect has also been shown to vary 1.5-2-fold among healthy subjects. Both observations suggest interindividual differences in ß-cell sensitivity to GLP-1. The slides above summarize a recent study that was based on the hypothesis that insulin secretion would be less sensitive to stimulation by GLP-1 in obese vs lean subjects who were healthy.The authors were surprised by the results. Find out why.