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Wanted: New Associate (Maybe)

Even though my practice partner and I are perfectly fine together and have been for years, I wonder now and then if we should hire. Still wondering.

Because I'm not really sure I acutally want one...

I started my career as an employed physician. I was the second endocrinologist in a faculty practice in a community hospital. After 8 years, I decided it was times to leave. I started my own practice. I was solo for about a year. Then I hired an associate. It was easy then. I knew her already as she had been a resident and then a fellow at my former practice. I knew her both as a person and as an endocrinologist and I was confident things would work out.

I was right. And those who know us would agree. Several people have stated that it is remarkable how well we work together and how well we get along and that the same isn’t true in many other practices.

Over the years, I have casually looked for another associate. I’ve interviewed a handful of people. There were a couple who I thought might be a good fit. But for one reason or another, nothing really came of those interviews. I didn’t worry about it before. We were doing alright just the two of us. We had our routines down and we made things work, although we both knew that one more person would lighten our load.

I am contemplating again whether it is worth it to look for someone else to join us. Whether it is worth it financially. You know the first year or two, until the schedule is full, the practice loses money on a new associate. I’m also not sure if I can either a) get used to having someone do things differently than I do, or b) teach someone to do things my way, or c) find someone who already does things the way I like it. I feel like I’ve been doing this too long to start doing things differently. I don’t mean to sound inflexible, but I’m comfortable with things now and I was really hoping to just start easing back a little.

I’ve started casually asking around again, seeing if anyone knows anyone who might be interested.  I guess I’ll see how the next few months go, and I’ll decide if I need to get more serious about looking.

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