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Endocrine Year in Review: Most Popular Content of 2021

Endocrinology Network has compiled a list of the 5 most popular stories of the past year to celebrate the end of 2021.

Top Stories of 2021:

  1. How Walmart and Novo Nordisk's Insulin Initiative Impacts Insulin Affordability, With Diana Isaacs, PharmD, and Lucia Novak, CRNP
    Diana Isaacs, PharmD, a clinical pharmacy specialist, and Lucia Novak, CRNP, a nurse practitioner, have a discussion centered around how Walmart's recent launch of ReliOn NovoLog impacts the landscape of diabetes management and insulin affordability.
  2. Time-Restricted Diets Induce Weight Loss, No Change in BP or Lipid Profile
    A study of 50 obese patients is shedding light on the effectiveness and safety of a time-restricted eating approach as a method to facilitate weight loss.
  3. FreeStyle Libre 2 App Receives Clearance from US FDA for Diabetes Management
    Abbott announced the FDA's clearance of their FreeStyle Libre 2 iOS app, which the company suggests is the only sensor-based glucose monitoring app that allows users to check their glucose with a compatible iPhone every minute with optional real-time glucose alarms, in a release on Aug. 2.
  4. Delayed Visits Associated with Increases in TSH Levels Among Patients Using Levothyroxine
    An analysis of more than 25k patients using levothyroxine demonstrates the impact of appointment delays on TSH levels among these patients.
  5. ADA 2021: Tirzepatide Demonstrates Potential in Type 2 Diabetes with SURPASS Trials
    Data from the SURPASS program presented at ADA 2021 provide insight into the effects of tirzepatide on HbA1c control and body weight in a variety of different patient populations as both an add-on and monotherapy.