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ADA 2021: Top Data and Other Highlights from the American Diabetes Association's 81st Scientific Sessions

Our editorial staff has selected a shortlist of highlighted data and summary slides on their picks of the most important data to be released at the American Diabetes Association's 81st Annual Scientific Sessions.

As part of our coverage of ADA 2021, Endocrinology Network has put together a curated list of the top most-viewed and most impactful pieces of data to come from this year's conference. Our list includes 5 topics of coverage, including how the cost of diabetes management is burdening progress, SURPASS program, a trio of FIDELIO-DKD analyses, exciting news surrounding semaglutide, and a review of data from the SCORED and SOLOIST trials.

Editor's note: Clicking on slides will link back to the article in reference. In the event multiple articles are featured within a slide, links to these articles can be found below the slideshow.

Finerenone data:

Background Insulin Use Does Not Impact Benefits of Finerenone in Diabetic Kidney Disease

Finerenone Provides Consistent Benefit, Irrespective of Background GLP-1 RA Use

Finerenone and SGLT2 Inhibitors Could Have Additive Effect on Kidney Protection

Cost of Diabetes:

Diminishing Cost-Effectiveness Hurting Case for New Glucose-Lowering Agents

Estimating the Impact of the Medicare Part D Senior Savings Model on Expenses for Insulin Users on Medicare