Image IQ

Image IQ: Depression, Tingling and Numbness

January 08, 2020

A 38-year-old woman went to the doctor with several complaints that seemed unrelated but they had started within the last few months. She was feeling depressed and fatigued with tingling and numbness in her hands and feet. Can you diagnose this patient?

Image IQ: 7-year-old boy with photophobia

November 27, 2019

A mother brought her 7-year-old boy to the eye doctor after he complained for several months about increasing photophobia during outdoor activities like soccer practice and playground outings. She also noticed that he had been thirstier than usual during his soccer games, but wasn’t sweating as much as he usually did. During the slit lamp exam, the doctor noted crystals throughout his cornea and conjunctiva. What's your diagnosis?