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How To Correctly Interpret Thyroid Function Tests

August 3rd 2022

These modules explore various challenges in the management of patients with hypothyroidism including patient compliance and pharmacy issues, impact of concomitant medications, foods, and supplements, assay interference, and thyroid lab tests and considerations. The modules also discuss steps that physicians can take to address some of these challenges in clinical practice.

Program Objectives:

Discuss challenges in the management of hypothyroidism in a patient with comorbid cardiovascular disease who is difficult to manage and address the following:

  • Patient compliance and pharmacy challenges
  • Impact of concomitant medications, foods, and supplements
  • Biotin interference in thyroid function tests
Thyroid Lab Tests and Their Clinical Utility

August 3rd 2022

Program Objectives:

  • Review mechanisms involved in normal thyroid hormone synthesis and metabolism
  • Explore various thyroid lab tests and the clinical utility of each
  • Discuss special considerations when interpreting thyroid lab tests
The Role of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Diabetes Management

April 1st 2022

An expert endocrine clinical pharmacist shares considerations for the utilization and impact of CGMs in the diabetes treatment landscape.

Interchangeable Insulin Biosimilars: A Game Changer in Diabetes Management

December 1st 2021

The panel of experts in the management of diabetes review the role of insulin therapy and the place for biosimilars. They will review the approval process for biosimilars including the approval of the first interchangeable insulin biosimilar.