Our Disease State Series was born out of the idea of providing the most practical information and resources to clinicians. With this program, we hope to provide clinicians with a comprehensive overview of the state of management for multiple conditions, including helpful guidelines, clinically relevant reviews, and an interview with a key opinion leader. In this installment, we will be focusing on thyroid disorders and highlight our recent interview with Dr. Elizabeth Pearce.

A curated list of top guidelines for management of thyroid disorders composed by our editorial team with assistance from Dr. Pearce.

While guideline recommendations often take years to develop, review articles offer an encapsulation of the state of disease management at a more frequent interval. Here is a curated list of review articles.

Well-equipped primary care providers can play an important role in the early diagnosis and optimal management of these patients. Here is a list of relevant resources based on expert recommendations.

Our resource center offers readers insight and perspective into the latest from management of hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancers, and other thyroid disorders.