Weight Management


The Endocrinology Network® Weight Management clinical resource center is the home of all content related to weight loss and obesity management. Now a full-blown epidemic, the obesity crisis is one of the most prominent and dangerous health crises in the US. This page will provide insight and perspective related to FDA approvals, the latest studies, and guideline updates related to nutrition, obesity, and weight management.

Early Life BMI Plays Role in Future Diabetes and CVD Risk, Regardless of Adult BMI

June 22, 2021

Using 24 years of follow-up data from more than 12k adolescents provides insight into the impact of childhood BMI z-scores on risk of adverse health outcomes, including development of diabetes and premature myocardial infarction, in adulthood.

Discussing Bariatric Surgery Linked to Increased Weight Loss Whether or Not Patients Undergo Surgery

June 15, 2021

A retrospective analysis of data from more than 30k patients with severe obesity suggests having a discussion about bariatric surgery with a clinician resulted in greater weight loss, regardless of if they underwent a bariatric procedure, but fewer than 9% had these discussions.

Study Suggests 2 Servings of Fruit Per Day Cuts Odds of Developing Diabetes by 36%

June 06, 2021

An analysis of food frequency questionnaire and biomarker data from more than 7000 adults indicates consumption of 2 or more servings of whole fruit per day was associated with 36% lower odds of developing diabetes in the next half-decade.