Thyroid Cancer


Nearly 1-in-3 of Physicians Could Be Overusing Thyroid Ultrasonography

August 14, 2020

A survey of more than 600 physicians found many endorsed the use of thyroid ultrasonography for clinically unsupported reasons.

Primary Care's Perception of Role in Thyroid Cancer Survivorship Care

July 15, 2020

New research is defining how primary care providers view their role in long-term survivorship care of patients with thyroid cancer.

Tumor Growth Rate Doesn’t Predict Malignancy in AUS-A Thyroid Nodules

April 02, 2019

The American Thyroid Association guidelines recommend repeat fine-needle aspiration, molecular testing or diagnostic surgical resection if thyroid nodule size increases significantly, but a new study shows there is little evidence that significant tumor growth is a predictor of malignancy, especially in architectural atypia of undetermined significance (AUS-A) cases.

Interesting Endo: Osteoporosis & Thyroid Cancer

May 25, 2017

Our May list includes a new treatment for osteoporosis, predictors of thyroid cancer recurrence, and fast-acting vs conventional insulin for T1DM.

Interesting Endo: Reproductive and Adrenal Health

November 21, 2016

Our November list includes an injectable male contraceptive, resveratrol treatment for PCOS, and novel gene associated with Addison disease.

Surprising Finding: Alcohol and Thyroid Cancer

September 10, 2015

Is thyroid cancer the exception to the rule that alcohol consumption is linked to an increased risk of developing cancer?