Exposure to Diabetes in the Womb Could Increase Heart Disease Risk

September 30, 2020

An analysis of nearly 300k offspring suggests those exposed to diabetes in the womb were at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease events and risk factors in young adulthood.

Pediatric Asthma Treatment Could Increase Risk of Diabetes, Other Conditions

September 18, 2020

New research suggests children treated with high-doses of oral glucocorticoids could be at a greater risk of diabetes, hypertension, and venous thromboembolism.

Gestational Diabetes Linked to Accelerated Aging in Offspring

September 15, 2020

An analysis of more than 1100 children suggests those born to mothers with gestational diabetes mellitus were at increased risk of accelerated aging.

Medtronic's MiniMed 770G Receives FDA Approval in Children 2 to 6 Years Old

August 31, 2020

The MiniMed 770G becomes the first system to receive approval for children in this age group.

Exposure to Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Linked to ADHD in Adolescents

August 29, 2020

An analysis of data from the New Bedford Cohort suggests exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals could increased risk of ADHD in adolescents.

Image IQ: A 6-year-old girl with brown patches on her trunk

March 03, 2020

A 6-year-old girl was brought to her pediatrician for vaginal bleeding, breast enlargement, brown patches on her cheeks, back, and trunk. Can you diagnose this patient?

This Month's Top Stories from Endocrinology Network

April 11, 2019

Are blood sugar levels moving targets? Should pregnant women be screened for thyroid cancer? And, will there soon be treatment to stave off those salt and sugar cravings? Learn more about these and other developments from endocrinology research in this news recap.

Early Diabetic Ketoacidosis may Impact Brain Development

April 09, 2019

In very young children with type 1 diabetes, even a single episode of moderate/severe diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) can potentially have long-term effects on cognitive abilities and brain growth, a study shows.