Men's Health


Sex Hormone Levels and Risk of Heart Failure in Older Men, Postmenopausal Women

August 11, 2020

An analysis of data from the ARIC study is detailing associations between lower levels of sex hormones and risk of incident heart failure in older adults.

Obesity, Being Overweight Negatively Impacts Reproductive Health in Men

July 29, 2020

An analysis of data from 60 studies indicates being overweight or obese could have a negative impact on sperm and reproductive health in men.

Study Finds Plant-Based Diets Do Not Impact Testosterone Levels

July 08, 2020

Research from the University of Miami is adding to the discussion surrounding plant-based diets and impact on overall health.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Improve Semen Quality

January 22, 2020

The evidence is inconclusive, but a cross-sectional study of young men finds that omega−3 fatty acid supplements may improve semen quality and reproductive hormone levels in men.

Men, Not Women with Diabetes May Have Higher Chronic Lower Back Pain Risk

September 18, 2019

Men with diabetes may have a higher risk of experiencing chronic lower back pain, say researchers writing in BMJ Open this month. 

Low Testosterone in Diabetic Men Linked to Advanced Markers of Cardiovascular Disease

November 04, 2014

Low total serum testosterone was independently associated with greater carotid intima media thickening and endothelial dysfunction but not with atherosclerotic plaques.