Author | Veronica Hackenthal, MD


Antipsychotics and Cardiometabolic Risk: New Study Sheds Light

July 17, 2018


Antipsychotic medications may not cause type 2 diabetes but a new review find the drugs may accelerate development of the disease. How can you protect your patients?

New Diabetes Technology: A Test

May 07, 2018


The new diabetes tech in question is the expanding pool of continuous glucose monitoring systems. So, what's your CGM IQ?

AACE/ACE Focus on Lipids: 2017 Consensus Guidelines

November 07, 2017


The AACE/ACE 2017 recommendations on lipid management renew focus on LDL-C targets, and go far lower than any group has ventured to date.

Beta Blockers Heighten Risk of CV Events in T2DM

June 27, 2017


Post-hoc analysis of ACCORD trial data suggests the indication of beta blocker therapy in T2DM patients be more closely examined.