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Samara Rosenfeld


Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome Among Young Adults on the Rise

June 30, 2020

Although the investigative team found the overall increase in prevalence did not meet statistical significance, there was a significant increase among young adults, and prevalence remained high for those at least 60 years old.

Study Finds Internet Based Health Management Has Benefits

April 16, 2020

Overweight, hypertensive patients who enrolled in a self-administered, internet-based health management program had better outcomes than patients who did not join the program, according to recent study findings.

The Location of Broken Bones Predicts Life Expectancy in Elderly Patients

March 31, 2020

The location of a broken bone can significantly impact the long-term health outcomes of older individuals, according to the new research findings to be presented at the Endocrine Society (ENDO) 2020 Annual Scientific Sessions.