Author | Linda Peckel


Stroke Survival Much Improved Since 2000

July 03, 2019

Death from acute stroke has dropped by as much as 55 percent, shows a population study published in BMJ.

Dementia Tied to Late-in-Life Weight Gain and Loss

June 26, 2019

Late-in-life weight gain or weight loss appears to be associated with an increased risk of dementia, shows a Korean study of 67,219 men and women between 60-79 years old.

Treatment Delays Onset of Diabetes in At-Risk Populations

June 19, 2019

A single course of treatment with teplizumab delayed the development of type 1 diabetes in at-risk teens and children, shows a study presented at the American Diabetes Association annual meeting earlier this month.

Young Adult Type 2 Diabetes Increasingly Associated with Serious Complications

June 19, 2019

Diabetes complications in young adults with type 2 diabetes are occurring in unusually high rates, researchers reported at the American Diabetes Association annual meeting held earlier this month in San Francisco.