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Safety and Error Prevention

Diabetes Self-care App: The Next New Rx?

With the rise of personal tracking devices and explosion in mobile technology, there is a good deal of interest in whether the parallel trends can lead to useful and cost-effective solutions for medical illnesses. Take type 2 diabetes, for example.

Safety and Error Prevention

How do you screen for gestational diabetes? Our blogger reviews the one- and two-step strategies.

Five new and upcoming medical devices will help your patients manage their diabetes care.

Our March list includes Testosterone Trials results, self-management in patients transitioning to adult care, and cancer mortality risk with diabetes.

Eight top apps for endocrinologists include decision support tools, printable patient handouts, calculators, and treatment guidelines.

The study also compared psychosocial variables, including treatment satisfaction, well-being, and fear of hypoglycemia, during CGM vs self-monitoring.

Our February list includes bone events with thyroid cancer, treatment comparison of Graves’ disease, and exercise recommendations for type 1 diabetes.

How do you manage a patient’s insistence on an unnecessary test or drug? Is patient satisfaction a factor?


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