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Insulin 2016: Year-End News Roundup

In honor Frederick G. Banting’s birth 125 years ago, we present a review of developments in insulin for the year 2016.


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Was this pharmacist out of bounds? You make the call.

A top-line look at the latest news: novel risk factors, insulin vs insulin; and predictors of weight loss success.

Insulin degludec vs glargine--which costs less per anum and why? We summarize this study and 2 other direct insulin comparisons reported at ADA 2017.

Five new and upcoming medical devices will help your patients manage their diabetes care.

Our April list includes predictors of fracture risk, endocrine-disrupting chemicals, and CV effects of thyroid dysfunction.

A study compared mortality and major adverse cardiovascular events in patients with type 2 diabetes prescribed metformin or insulin.

Three studies from ENDO 2017 focused on improving patient care through brain stimulation, an artificial pancreas system, and videoconferencing.


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