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5 New and Novel Diabetes Technologies

5 New and Novel Diabetes Technologies

  • Medtronic MiniMed 670G Insulin Pump System

  • Medtronic MiniMed 670G Insulin Pump System is the first to use hybrid closed loop technology that continuously self-adjusts via wireless connectivity between advanced CGM sensor/transmitter and insulin pump. More, here.

  • Digital "Smart" Contact Lens

  • A Digital "Smart" Contact Lens that will measure blood glucose levels in tears using CGM-like technology via non-invasive sensors (ie, microchips, other miniaturized electronics) is a joint venture between Google and Novartis. More, here.

  • "Smart" Insulin Pens

  • "Smart" Insulin Pens are in development by several companies; they are designed to calculate and track insulin doses, relay data to smartphone app; other devices include "smart" caps for standard insulin pens that record time of dosing for reference. More from Companion Medical, here.

  • "Smart" Insulin Patch

  • A "Smart" Insulin Patch in development is size of a penny; covered with ~100 microneedles that store insulin and glucose-sensing enzymes that are released when blood glucose concentration rises above a predetermined level. More, here.

  • FreeStyle Libre Pro Glucose Monitoring System

  • FreeStyle Libre Pro Glucose Monitoring System is a hybrid system for CGM via wearable sensor that collects 24-hour data on blood glucose levels for 14 days; receiver stays in clinic and facilitates download of data for analysis. More, here.

From the first-to-market hybrid closed loop technology for continuous glucose monitoring to the possibility of a contact lens able to measure glucose levels in tears, the slides above highlight 5 new technologies that are either available now or will be available soon to help both patients and clinicians refine managment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.



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