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Continuing Your Diabetes Education: 5 Clinical Pearls

Continuing Your Diabetes Education: 5 Clinical Pearls

  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is closely linked to the twin epidemics of diabetes and obesity. Like diabetes and obesity, the incidence of NAFLD is on the rise. When it comes to therapy, physicians have few choices. Current treatment options include: lifestyle measures, (weight loss and exercise); bariatric surgery; oral antihyperglycemics; high-dose vitamin E; statins; and liver transplant. A number of drugs are currently in the pipeline. Click here for more information. http://www.endocrinologynetwork.com/t2-diabetes/nonalcoholic-fatty-liver-disease-and-diabetes-so-dangerous-together
  • Although many patients of all ages are treated with insulin therapy, specific concerns arise in the older population regarding the safety and efficacy of this high-alert medication. Insulin therapy in older patients with type 2 DM often can be initiated with basal insulin alone or in combination with oral therapies. Options include intermediate-acting neutral protamine Hagedorn and long-acting glargine or detemir. Although the latter 2 analogues (glargine and detemir) are more expensive, they are associated with lower rates of hypoglycemia, making them better options in older patients. Click here for more information.
  • Researchers presented the results of this study at the 16th International Congress of Endocrinology and the Endocrine Society’s 96th Annual Meeting and Expo in Chicago. The work "highlights the benefits of a surgical approach such as sleeve gastrectomy to help improve diabetes outcomes, especially compared to more conservative medical management,” said senior author Pietra Greenberg, MD. Click here for more information.
  • Pancreatic cancer is often diagnosed at such an advanced stage that resection and treatment prove ineffectual. However, earlier diagnosis could improve matters. At the onset of DM—sometimes an early sign of pancreatic cancer—the tumor often may be resectable even though CT scan can be uninformative at this stage. Click Here
  • This small study offers substantial proof that fitness status and increased physical activity are essential for diabetic health. Click here for more information.

A dramatic increase in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease; gastrectomy outperforms medical care in diabetes mellitus; a diabetes-pancreatic cancer link. . .  new information about diabetes is being discovered at a rapid pace.

The 5 slides here provide highlights of recent studies and — offer a variety of practical pointers and information that can be put to use in your practice.

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