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Vitamin D Status & Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Vitamin D Status & Cardiovascular Disease Risk

  • Vitamin D Status & Cardiovascular Disease Risk
  • Vitamin D Status Is Associated with Early Markers of Cardiovascular Disease in Children and Adolescents with Overweight and Obesity. Abstract link.
  • Researchers investigated the relationship between vitamin D status and lipid markers on CV risk during childhood
  • The authors concluded that improving vitamin D concentrations in children and adolescent with overweight and obesity can reduce CV risk.
  • Vitamin D Status and Its Correlation with Heart Rate Variability Among Healthy Female Medical Students at King Abdulaziz University: a Cross Sectional Study. Abstract link.
  • This study examined the relationship between vitamin D status and heart rate variability, a predictor of CVD risk, in female medical students
  • Larger studies are needed, but the authors concluded that early identification and treatment of vitamin D deficiency “may reduce the risk of CVD in otherwise healthy subjects.”
  • D Vitamin Status and 10-Year Estimated Risk for Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease in Asymptomatic Women. Abstract link.
  • The authors used serum D vitamin levels in asymptomatic women to estimate 10-year risk for CV events
  • Researchers concluded, “in Mexican asymptomatic women the 10-year estimated cardiovascular risk was similar in all groups; however we found a high prevalence of high risk for ASCVD events regardless of the D vitamin status.”

Studies presented at ENDO 2017 looked at the relationship between CVD risk and vitamin D status. Researchers examined the impact of vitamin D status and lipid markers on CV risk during childhood, and studied vitamin D status and CVD risk in two female populations.


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