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A roundup of the latest research on osteoporotic fracture risk, bariatric surgery outcomes, and effects of sleep on BMI.

Results of a small systematic review identify a vulnerable ethnic group members of which may be patients in your practice.

Mindfulness: a potential intervention for T2DM?

Was this pharmacist out of bounds? You make the call.

Hybrid closed loop technology for CGM is available today; a contact lens may do the same thing soon. A look at 5 new diabetes tools.

Can we borrow elements of gaming apps to help patients better engage with their diabetes?

A top-line look at the latest news: novel risk factors, insulin vs insulin; and predictors of weight loss success.

True or false: Between 1999-2004 and 2005-2010, cancer replaced CV/CHD as leading cause of death in T2D.

The 2017 lipid management guidelines have met both accolades and controversy. Take our quick quiz on the updates.

Two recent studies raise questions about diagnosis and treatment. Where do you stand on the debate?


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