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Endo 2017: Men’s Health

Endo 2017: Men’s Health

  • Endo 2017: Men’s Health
  • The Effects of the Human Fetal Estrogen Estetrol (E4) in Healthy Men to Estimate its Potential Use for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer. Abstract link.
  • Estrogen estetrol, or E4, may offer a new, affordable treatment option for prostate cancer compared to current standard and new therapies. E4, a steroid produced by the human fetal liver during pregnancy only, is a potential candidate for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer, both as a single entity and for combination treatment with hormone therapy. The drug is expected to avoid the hypoestrogenic side effects that occur with other types of testosterone-suppressing hormone therapy, including hot flushes and sweating; arthralgia; mood, sleep, and cognition disturbances; and bone loss and fractures.
  • Advanced prostate cancer patients may, in the future, have the opportunity to choose treatment with E4, especially in combination with current therapy, with an expected positive impact on quality of life.
  • Higher Anabolic Hormone Levels Predict Lower Risk of Worsening Frailty in Men: Prospective Results from the European Male Ageing Study. Abstract link.
  • Middle-age and elderly men are less likely to develop worsening frailty if they have high levels of certain anabolic hormones.
  • The novel associations between anabolic hormone levels and changes in frailty in aging men could, with clinical trial confirmation, justify providing these hormones to middle-age and elderly men to prevent the development of frailty.
  • Shift from Androgen to Estrogen Causes Fibrosis, Muscular Atrophy, and Scrotal Hernia. Abstract link.
  • Increased estrogen action and decreased testosterone action can lead to inguinal hernia formation. One in four men in the United States will develop an inguinal hernia over their lifetime.
  • This research may shed light on the mechanism behind inguinal hernia and help develop less invasive, more curative treatments or prevention with novel nonsurgical approaches.

Studies at ENDO 2017 highlighting men’s health featured a possible treatment option for prostate cancer, the potential of hormone therapy to prevent frailty in middle-age and elderly men, and research that may shed light on the mechanism behind inguinal hernia.

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